Shihan Dean Rostohar

About Dean Rostohar, a Special Forces Officer (Military & SWAT- SJP), Veteran of Croatian Homeland War, combat specialist, martial artist and warrior.

Dean Rostohar practices combat arts almost his whole life. Since childhood, he practiced and trained variety of Martial Arts - Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Judo, JuJutsu, Wrestling, Budokai, Jeet Kun Do, Kobudo and successfully competed in some of them Kick Box, Full and Semi Contact). He trains, practices and explores Warrior Art of Ninjutsu. He is long-life student of Ninjutsu, training every day for the last 40 years. Warrior and Combat arts shaped his life, his mind, heart and soul.
For him, Warrior/Combat arts are made for protection, defense and survival. This is the way how he teaches them - with reality. He teaches and shares his knowledge because he cares about other people and their safety. He teaches because the maxim "I have been there, done that" makes his life-story, describing his valuable and insightful experiences gained not only in Dojo, but in the streets and in the fields of war.

Dean Rostohar is former Croatian Special Force Officer, member of Croatian Special Force Unit "Alfa" and Veteran of Croatian Homeland War. As a fighter and a warrior, many times he was in situations of struggle for life, and he survived. After ten years as of active service (SF/SWAT, paratrooper and Combat Diver) and five years of participating in combat during Croatian Homeland War, due to the consequences of heavy wounding, he was honorably retired with the rank of NCO. For the merits in the Croatian Homeland War Rostohar has been awarded numerous medals and commendations.

Dean Rostohar is the founder and Chief Instructor of "SPECWOG" (Special Warrior Operation Group), where he teaches his Specwog Combat System – S.C.S. He has created and organized S.C.S. on the basis of his personal combat and war experiences, techniques and philosophy. S.C.S. was created by using different manners of fighting from various martial and warrior arts, including the combat tactics and techniques of the best Special Forces Teams.

Dean Rostohar is also Senior Teacher in Bujinkan Croatia Dojo, teaching Bujinkan Ninjutsu for the last 30 years, holding a high rank of YuShu Shihan. For 20 years, he regularly travels to Japan to learn from his teacher Masaaki Hatsumi Soke and study 9 ancient schools of Ninjutsu Warrior Arts.

Because of his experience, knowledge, skills and notable results Dean Rostohar is very highly regarded among Combat and Warrior Arts professionals all over the world. He has held hundreds of seminars and courses all around the world. He has been teaching Special Forces Units, members of Police and Army, contractor professionals, security personnel and thousands of interested civilians.

Dean Rostohar studies and teaches all kinds and forms of combat. He continuously researches combat techniques, tactics and strategy, with the purpose of personal training and development. He practices and explores all aspects of martial arts, warrior skills and tactical training, thus seeking improvements in all segments and fields of combat. His areas of interest are very broad and diverse - from self-defense skills to anti-terrorism, from the art of unarmed combat to the usage of variety of weapons, including sticks, blades and firearms, from personal protection and protection of other persons to the skills of survival in extreme conditions etc. He transfers his knowledge and shares his experiences by offering and holding trainings, seminars, courses and exercises not only for the military and police personnel, security officials and private companies, but also for the 'civilians' and beginners, with the purpose of enabling all the interested individuals for self-defense and survival.

Through this kind of training, Dean Rostohar also aims to enable the interested participants to expand their own skills, become more satisfied, improve their self-awareness and self-confidence, thus becoming more courageous, and in the general sense more productive, morally valuable and responsible members of society. He believes that in this manner he gives the valuable contribution to his own homeland, and also contributes to the well-being of the entire humanity.

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