Self-defense video course by Dean Rostohar

Do not let others lie to you. Do not be fooled! There is no easy, quick, safe and fast way of learning self-defense. If you want to know how to defend yourself, you should put true effort in your training. It requires your sweat and blood. Self-defense in reality is not easy. It especially not easy when you are fighting for your life. If you are not ready to work on yourself, nothing can help you in fighting for life. There are no easy, simple, "miracle", "secret" or "voodoo" techniques. To protect yourself from attacker successfully, you need to use your whole mind, heart and body, especially if the attacker wants to take your life.

If you really want to understand real defense and protection, then this video course is for you. We will not lie to you, because we care. We care, because we have been there and done that. Not once, but many times.

There are no different "kinds" of combat or fight. There is no "street fight", "Bar fight", "ring fight", there is no "dojo fight", "empty hand fight", "weapons fight", "jungle fight" etc. A fight can happen anywhere, but there is only one kind of fight - you either know how to fight, or you do not know how to fight. There is only one true protection, defense and survival. And this depends only from you.

I can teach you and share my experience, but your own ability to defend yourself depends only on YOURSELF. So, the final outcome of this course depends on you. Stand for yourself! Do something for yourself, because the real world is very dangerous and risky place.
 If you are ready to learn from me, if you believe in yourself, if you want to do something for your own protection and of your beloved ones, then I am ready to teach you. We do not talk, we walk the walk...

This videos will teach you following:
- proven techniques, which could save your or your family life
- right mindset (fear is not real, but danger is!)
- how to be aware
- how to be always prepared
- how to be ready and how to respond quickly
- how to protect yourself from various kinds of attacks
- how to control your fear
- to use whole your body to make your techniques stronger and more effective
- to use and save your energy, power and strength in order to defend physically stronger attacker
- faster does not mean always good, but we will teach you proper timing and fighting flow
- how to immobilize your attacker
- protect yourself 360 degree
- there is no easy fight, but we will teach you how to win
- basics that will help you to defend yourself from every kind of attack
- methods, tips and techniques that are simple to learn, but you need to train them - you cannot learn over night

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Lecture 1 - Right mindset - mental conditioning - Be prepared, but not paranoid
Lecture 2 - Awareness
Lecture 3 – “The Combat Triad” - mind, heart, body
Lecture 4 - Combat mindset - codes and why are they important
Lecture 5 - Decisiveness
Lecture 6 - Aggressiveness - always attack the attacker
Lecture 7 - Timing and speed
Lecture 8 - Coolness
Lecture 9 - Ruthlessness
Lecture 10 - Surprise
Lecture 11 - Rules of survival

Basic techniques

Lecture 1 - Basic stance - survival and protection
Lecture 2 - Basic movements - art of distance
Lecture 3 - Basic blocks
Lecture 4 - Basic punches
Lecture 5 - Basic kicks
Lecture 6 - Basic falls and rolls

Basic human weapons

Lecture 1 - Head
Lecture 2 - Fists
Lecture 3 - Elbows
Lecture 4 - Arms
Lecture 5 - Knees
Lecture 6 - Legs
Lecture 7 - Other bodily weapons

Basic escapes

Lecture 1 - Grab from hand
Lecture 2 - Grab from two hands
Lecture 3 - Grab from hands behind
Lecture 4 - Grab from body front
Lecture 5 - Grab from body back
Lecture 6 - Grab from tie

Nine basic techniques

Lecture 1 - Block and hit other hand
Lecture 2 - Block and hit same hand
Lecture 3 - Block and hit same hand
Lecture 4 - Grab for collar outside
Lecture 5 - Grab for collar inside
Lecture 6 - Grab and elbow lock
Lecture 7 - Grab and elbow lock inside
Lecture 8 - Basic throw
Lecture 9 - Elbow break

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